President’s Welcome

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Dear Mothers of Jack and Jill of America, Inc.:

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in the capacity of National President of Jack and Jill of America. I am humbled that you have placed your trust in me to lead this organization, and excited about the possibilities that lay before us to make an impact on children and families together. As mothers, we stand as sisters in Jack and Jill with a united purpose to see our children succeed beyond all measure.

There is an electricity in the air as we begin this exhilarating two-year journey together. I am so thrilled to have a gifted group of women serving with me as our new 2018-2020 National Executive Board; and they are too! Below, they share a little of that excitement:

  • National Vice President Tanya Hand: Serving as your National Vice President is an honor and a privilege. Because our children are the heart of what we do; our membership is the lifeline. Thank you for entrusting me to be a part of your membership experience.
  • National Treasurer Pamela Taylor: True happiness involves the full use of one’s own power and talent. I look forward to continuing to training and sharing my gifts with my Jack and Jill Family.
  • National Program Director Lisa Grant-Dawson: I am elated to be seated at this Round Table with six phenomenal women, charged to execute the work of Jack and Jill “… to the BEST of our ability.”
  • National Recording Secretary Michelle Gentry Anderson: I look forward to working with you as we continue to improve our technology, to grow our organization and to share best practices.
  • National Corresponding Secretary Connie Guillory-Adams: Without passion, without joy, without excitement, without the power to make a difference, you just don’t have the energy to keep things fresh, to keep learning, and to keep growing.  It is in this spirit that I enthusiastically look forward to the great work we will do together.
  • National Editor Gina Williams-Jackson: I feel so blessed to join this group of talented, kind and accomplished women as we work together to enhance the lives of all children. Thank you for your support as I remain committed to serve to the very best of my abilities.

With our children as our number one priority, we will work tirelessly on behalf of this organization to achieve the following goals and objectives:

  • Ensure Operational Excellence
  • Harness the Power of Technology
  • Strengthen National Partnerships
  • Protect our Branding
  • Explore Educational and Cultural Opportunities

Our mission has not changed since the founding of our organization more than 80 years ago, and I will continue to move on the path from which we have come; with continuity, accountability, and sustainability as the guiding force to make sure that this organization remains relevant, revered and prepared for the bright future ahead of us. I am committed to keeping our children as Priority One.

Committed to Illuminate, Innovate and Inspire,

Danielle Brown

26th National President


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