The People Behind Jack and Jill. National Executive Board.

Pamela D Taylor

National Treasurer

National Treasurer Pamela D Taylor has two beautiful children, son Quinton James and daughter Breanna Nicole. She has been an active member of the Raleigh-Wake Chapter in the Mid-Atlantic Region since 2007, where she served as Chapter President, Vice President and Treasurer and chaired several chapter committees. On the regional level, NT Pamela has served as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Treasurer, first alternate to the Nominating Committee and chaired the Time and Place Committee. Pamela has attended several Area Workdays, all regional Teen Conferences since 2013, and all Mothers’ Conferences and National Conventions since her initiation. Professionally, she is a CPA with over 25 years of field experience and has been a QuickBooks pro advisor for many years. NT Pamela is currently serving her second term in this role.