A History Moment

Interlocking J’s                                                            

banner-jjDid you know Dr. Alberta B. Turner, 4th National President (1952-1954) designed the interlocking J’s we often see on jewelry and in print on our publications?  During her administration, the organization was preparing to have jewelry made and were in need of a unique design.

According to 1954 Up the Hill,  in a caption article “The Matter of Pins” the following was printed:

For quite some time now, we have been discussing the matter of pins. We were anxious to secure a design that would appeal to all ages. The design on the cover is a replica of the proposed design for the pin. Mr. Lonnie Briscoe, one of our Memphis fathers, is employed by the Metal Arts Company and he has designed this pin for Jack and Jill. It would be obtainable in three finishes.







The above prices excepting No. 1 would be subject to 10 percent excise tax.

Source: Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated: Into the New Millennium