A History Moment

Mothers, Did You Know?

The first Jack and Jill Teen Conference was held on June 16, 1951. A “Haitian Festival” hosted by the Philadelphia Chapter focused on the life in Haiti, the oldest Black republic in the world and the second oldest independent nation in the western hemisphere.

Invitations were sent to teenagers that lived within a reasonable traveling distance. Members from New York, Washington, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Atlantic City, North Jersey and Columbus chapters attended.

As the result of the success of the first conference, seven area regions were established for the teenage organized meetings. These early conferences were sponsored totally by the interested chapters and were hostesses to their invited guests.

Mothers of the chapters took full responsibility for the care and safety of each visiting member. As the conferences grew to include larger areas and more chapters, a different plan of supervision and program implementation was needed.

In 1957 at the National Convention in San Francisco it was decided that regional directors would be elected at the conference by the delegates from their areas. They were to serve as regional director for both the mother and teen conferences.

Moment in History-Regional Conferences

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